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Clarity Reiki is a healing and readings service provider, committed to providing you with high quality information
and results to enhance your life on every level. Energy healings can bring resolution to any
ailment, mental, physical, spiritual and work on the person as a whole.

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reiki Healing

A complete healing on your whole seven chakra system, including a channeled reading direct from your personal higher guidance. This healing is designed to align all aspects of health, physical, mental, spiritual as appropriate to the individual

Readings In flow

Gain specific insights into your own personal flow in any aspect of life. Eradicate negative mindset in yourself or another with a mind wipe. Communicate with a loved one or friend on a spiritual level.
Speak with departed souls


Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation is a simple dynamic breathing meditation which helps heal you physically, emotionally, mentally, and allows a deeper connection with your true Being. Done in person with a breathing guide, it can deeply unlock you.

Healing FAQ

Reiki Practitioner

Rachel Haymer is a reiki master with an authentic reiki lineage.
Originally from the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii,
Rachel has been a reiki practitioner for 16 years and a practitioner in flow for 6 years. She is a master teacher and has students and patients all over the world.
Rachel has extensive background in homeopathic medicine,
soul communication techniques, Hawaiian chanting and breath technique,
yoga, massage and other healing modalities.
This unique blend of modalities gives the recipient a customized and
one of a kind experience

More About Rachel

Reiki Healing As Medicine

Any genuine healer will always tell you to pursue all avenues of medicine and healing and to only use energy healing as a supplement to other forms of healing, be they from your own traditions, society at large or a gut feeling. Sometimes an energy healer and practitioner may tell you to pursue a certain type of treatment, if that is something that comes through for you. Our philosophy is that guiding you to more paths of healing to find the exact combination that will speed your wellness is of immense value. This includes both western and eastern medicine as appropriate! Whatever your pain is, all healing paths you may pursue in ridding yourself of all pain, be it emotional pain, mental pain or physical pain are valid! Your own personal journey to find what works for you is one of the most important tasks you can undertake in this life. Reiki is one avenue to healing your pain. It works well in conjunction with most other healing modalities and approaches toward health. The lifestyle of reiki is of a person who is holistically minded and thinks of healing as a multifaceted undertaking.

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