Changing the past and how it effects your future

Sometimes it seems as though there are a million things that we would like to change in our own personal history. The past is riddled with moments that could have gone better, or decisions re-evaluated in hindsight to have been poor.

What if you could change the past? What if you were able to create an alternate timeline for yourself so that the events that you experienced no longer charge you with guilt, anger or regret, but with relief, joy and happiness?

Fortunately, it is completely possible to change the past. Of course undoing the actual events of the past won't happen, but when you change the emotional output that you have regarding a past situation, the present and future will conform to the new timeline and the possibilities available as if the old situation never existed.

This can be beneficial for familial situations, for carrier or trauma, for depression or even for phobias.

Why does this work? Because by changing how you FEEL about your past, your universe can place you on a path that leads toward an outcome not influenced by the energies that point toward the worst parts of the past.

Here is a simple method for re-writing your past.

First, honor the experience you have had thus far. It's in your best interest to be sure that you remain in compassion toward yourself throughout this process and honoring your previous experience before you change your emotional state around it is the best way to start. That means saying things to yourself like "I did the best I could considering the circumstances" or "I made mistakes, it's true. I've also learned from these mistakes" or "that experience showed me what I can handle. I am grateful to know where to draw the line"

Second, make a new story that gives you an ideal or at least believable outcome (don't include things your own brain would disbelieve - like growing wings and flying or winning the lottery without buying a ticket). Be creative and put things that make you feel great or at least neutral. Keep going until you are happy with the new timeline. Write it down because that will help you to be concrete about a second timeline

Third, write down a list of the emotions you would like to associate with this new timeline. How do you feel when this is true. What is your over-all outcome emotionally at the end of this experience. Make a detailed description if you can or simply practice feeling into these emotions as you are writing them. *Bonus! You can also write down a list of the old emotions you are committed to releasing with this process. After you write them down, it's your choice to keep them or destroy them (safely) with the intent to let them go in either case.

Fourth after you write down everything, feel your new timeline taking shape inside your heart and mind. Feel that it is successfully washing over and through you. Be willing to let the old past go. Watch it go to the archives of your brain. There if you should need it, but not active in your mind. See it like it's on a little boat sailing away from you even as you feel the new timeline surging into your being.