How being honest and vulnerable helps you be psychic

Life is full of hard truths. Things that a human needs to face in order to learn and grow in this lifetime. These truths however can be painful, and acknowledging them, while necessary to growth, is difficult at best. We have so many opportunities to run from the hard truths everyday. From the television to store advertising to social media, to pain killers, the distractions abound.

You might ask, what are the benefits of truth and of seeing truth and acknowledging it? The pure human benefit of this is that by acknowledging truth - you can deal with it in a way that makes sense. You can control how you react in the face of life and be satisfied with the outcome, rather than ignoring reality until it forces you to realize it's there.

The benefits however for psychics just begin with this. One of the older words for psychic is 'seer' or someone who sees in a way that is beyond normal eyesight. As a psychic, it is literally your business to see the truth. If you are in service to those who you read, you will tell them the truth, no matter how difficult it may be to say. The best psychics in the world will tell you what they see, not what they think you want to hear.

Does it not therefore make sense that the more you can 'see truth' in yourself the more you will be able to see it in others? Not only that, but it is absolutely essential that a psychic be intimately aware with her or his own inner emotional landscape. A good psychic will know the difference between depression that exists within themselves and one they may be sensing from another person. To put it another way, if a psychic does not intimately know their own fears, joys and personal outlook on life, how can they discern their own energy from yours?