How to reset from Life Breakdown

So what is a “life breakdown”? Well, it can be many things. It can be where you desire to achieve something but it feels like everything is against you, you could have manifested something that you felt was really great but it then gets taken away from you or disappears, or you could experience a trauma or big life event and not quite feel like yourself after. All of these are examples of when you’re in breakdown.


I’ll give you an example from my own life. I had started a new foundation called FML MD and it was to help doctors not commit suicide. I still have a lot of it going but I experienced a trauma in my life, it was a bad betrayal of a friendship that left me kind of not myself for a while. That trauma kind of knocked me down and left me in breakdown. That part of my life is actually still in breakdown. While I’ve been picking up the pieces, I haven’t fully caught up to speed with everything so in that sense that part of my life is still in breakdown.


There are four important things to know about breakdown, the first being that like anything else, is all based on your mental state. No matter what is happening physically, If you regard it as something terrible that’s weighing you down, that’s when you’re going to experience it as a breakdown. You could have the exact same set of circumstances but feel that it’s something that’s going to be an asset for you or a good experience and receive it as such.

It’s our job to continuingly, lovingly, and compassionately say toward ourself “I take responsibility for that which is in my life and I take responsibility for all of these breakdowns.” This doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or deserve to have punishment or anything. It’s important to acknowledge that you’re having a breakdown and are experiencing it terribly and that can shift at anytime.

It is okay to go to breakdown. We’re made to breakdown and go back to working again. [We’re much better than an automobile for example, a car can breakdown and needs a human to come along and fix it. Of course we have doctors, but for a lot of things humans can experience a breakdown whether that’s mental, emotional, or physical breakdown, and can heal ourselves.] We are built to go through experiences to break and become stronger.

That brings me to the second point which is: Things that are “broken” and then get repaired are actually strengthened by that when done in the right way. When I say “broken” think of it more like disassembled.

If you have an altar or a place where you set and make intentions for yourself, it’s a wonderful thing to put things together. Some of you may have crystals and some stones or a money altar. It’s a great thing to have but if you put the altar there and set it and forget about it, it hasn’t done much for you. If you break it down everyday and rebuild it everyday, imagine how much more meaning that very altar has, and with it how much more power it has. You with your intention are saying daily, on a continual basis “I choose to put my time and energy and focus into creating this space anew in which this particular thing can prosper and flourish” whether it be abundance or whatever the purpose of your altar is.

When you break down that altar and build it back up again enhances its power. So you have to know that when you experience breakdown and come back from that it’ll be that much more meaningful for you and you’ll be that much more secure and powerful in your comeback because you know you’ve climbed this mountain before. It’s like playing a complicated game, the more you play the more you learn how to get better at it. When you go through breakdown you and get through it, you strengthen your ability to get through it and you become more appreciative of not being in breakdown.

*The third point is that we all have a tendency to some degree greater or lesser to stop taking the medicine that’s good for us.

[yoga excerpt?]

The question becomes “why do I not give myself the gift of a pain free life?”

“Do I believe that I am worthy to have a pain free life?”

The fourth is, have some sort of a practice or a routine. This can be a physical routine, a mental routine (like meditation), an emotional routine (doing healing and/or manifesting in your life), a spiritual practice (doing prayers or going to church or temple). Having a practice or routine that you can return to that you know helps you experience relief or a healthy state of mind during those times is really key in experiencing a smoother breakdown and comeback.