Magic 101- how to make anything appear in your universe

For the average person, there may be many things we desire to see come into our lives. Be it material desires, situations we desire to experience or the clearing of negative feelings in your life, it can seem like a crap shoot as to it working. So how exactly do you give your dreams and ambitions the best chances of working? Not only IRL (in real life) but energetically as well?

Enter the Magic 101 formula. It's an easy and amazing way to make giant strides toward what you would like to achieve in life. Follow the steps outlined below and watch as magically new and amazing opportunities come your way to make your biggest dreams come to life!

First step: What is the feeling behind your deepest desire? Is it freedom? Is it security? Is it deep love? The first step in Magic 101 is to hone in on what feeling (you think) your achievement is going to bring you.

For example: You want a brand new car. What is the feeling that having this car will bring you? Is it the freedom of the open road? Is it being unbound and able to travel? Is it the sense of ownership of an investment? How does it feel to be responsible for the car and to care for it and have it be there for you in return?

Step Two: Immerse yourself in this feeling. Let it overtake you, ideally while daydreaming. In that state, similar to that half consciousness in the morning before we are fully awake, we can issue powerful commands to our universe. This does not have to take long. Even a short thirty seconds of immersion into that feeling while loosing track of time and space makes a tremendous difference to how your universe responds to you.

Step Three: Take action toward your goal. As soon as you emerge from this daydream like state, take a brave action toward your goal. This does not have to be anything monumental or something very difficult in anyway. If you are trying to manifest a new car, then a brave action would be to look at the going rates for cars or go take a test drive. You could check your credit score or find out if there are used models for sale that you like. Anything that is even a baby step toward achieving your goal would be a successful way to complete your basic manifestation Magic 101 formula.

Once you have done these three steps, its time to address the peanut gallery (see blog post on the peanut gallery) and to wait for your manifestation to appear!