What is energy healing anyway?

Lets get down to basics. You want to know what's an energy healing. Very simply, each person is- as well as a physical body, an energy body - and also an emotional body. When you have a healing done on your energy body, that's an energetic healing! It can be one done on an over all section of your energy body or a small specific one.

There are as many kinds of energy healings as there are types of treatments for the body. Whether you go with reiki or soul communication, bio magnetics or quantum touch, EFT or healing touch each modality has it's own special attributes. It is important that you feel comfortable both with the technique being used and with the practitioner. They will after all have full access to your personal energy flow so you should trust them!

An experienced energy healing practitioner will place a protective field around the healing area, clear their own mind by performing a focusing practice or making an intention to give the best healing possible. Ideally, the healer will take into account your own energies and your personal higher guidance to make the healing the most powerful and appropriate healing possible. After they are finished in their work, the will close the session and thank you and your guidance for participating.

Here at clarity reiki, we believe in providing both healing and insight in one through all our treatments. After all, healing is much easier if you have both the healer and the receiver on the same page!