Rachel Haymer

Reiki Master Teacher and Psychic


Rachel Haymer is a reiki master with an authentic reiki lineage, only 7 generations removed from Mikao Usui (founder of Reiki). Rachel is originally from the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii, she has been a reiki practitioner for 16 years and a practitioner in flow (psychic readings) for 6 years. Rachel has extensive background in homeopathic medicine, soul communication techniques, Hawaiian chanting and breath technique, yoga, massage and other healing modalities. This unique blend of modalities gives the recipient a customized and one of a kind experience.


During a first reading, Rachel prefers to go in knowing as little as possible from the person receiving the healing. As most healings she does are by distance, there are no visual clues or auditory clues to influence the reading. This provides her an unbiassed approach and good clarity as she looks into how that person's unique energy is flowing. Once she gets a sense of the individual's personal energy flow and where there may be imbalances or blocks or any other kind of hinderance, she turns to divine guidance for the solution. That divine guidance is also specific to the person receiving the healing and often provide totally unique ways to solve both short and longterm issues.


Regardless of what energetic help any practitioner is able to give, the most successful healing comes when the recipient takes a multi-faceted approach to the healing they would like. Just as it is relatively common knowledge that for those effected by an illness, a positive mindset can mean the difference between suffering and health, life and death, it is not by energy alone that changes are made which cause healing. The more you can improve your mindset, the more the energetic changes will lead to brave action. Through these three aspects, energetic, mindset and brave action, nearly any type of new change can be catalyzed. Rachel gives each person receiving a healing direct guidance in all three of these facets for the most accelerated healing possible.