How distance healing works and how it can change your life

reiki explained

What is Reiki

Reiki Energy was given to doctor Mikao Usui in the late 1800's to enable humanity to do healings on every aspect of a person.  This energy comes to an attuned person - a Reiki practitioner- who can pass the energy to themselves or another person. The energy can heal a person on any level, physical, mental or emotional and can even work independently of the practitioner's knowledge or perception. This energy is of the highest alignment, and comes directly from the highest sources.

How Distance Healing Works

Reiki healing, whether it is done in person or by distance, can provide relief whether spiritually, physically, emotionally or mentally. There are many advantages to having Reiki by distance, such as saving yourself energy by not having to travel and having access to the best healers available, regardless of your location. Our Reiki master practitioners have been practicing distance healing for years and have done distance healings which have spanned the globe. For the experienced Reiki Master, physical distance makes no difference when healing is performed. 

INSight from your guides

Clarity Reiki's goal is to provide more than just healing energy. When distance healing is performed, insights that directly related to your practical life, as well as any disturbances or blocks in your energy field are clearly revealed. This means a Reiki Practitioner can reveal specific insights which will enable and enhance your personal healing. Often your personal angels or spirit guides will offer direct advice or insights which the Reiki Practitioner can channel to you directly. This particular ability of Reiki Practitioners is a specialty of Clarity Reiki.

What is the Role of a Reiki Master?

While any Reiki practitioner can perform a healing, A Reiki Master Teacher has much more experience in healing. A Reiki Master has made the commitment to practice healing for life in the world. With this commitment, comes not only a greater level of energy access, but a greater insight into the person receiving the healing.

In Flow reading

What are in flow readings

Whereas Reiki focuses on the chakras and the healing of the energetic flow within a person, in flow reading considers all aspects which influence a person's life. It is a way to see from a birds eye view, all the factors contributing to the present and future of a person.

Unlike Reiki healing, In Flow readings are for the purpose of seeing your whole timeline and universe as it is, peering into possible futures or reaching out to loved ones, either living or dead. While this does take into account your own personal flow, it does not usually provide a deep in depth look at the emotional landscape inside of an individual as the reiki readings do.

Talking to Absent People

One of the great advantages to In Flow readings is the ability to access other people who are not physically present on the call or in the room when the treatment is taking place. The third party might not be present because they are no longer living or because they are, for whatever reason, simply unable to join the session. The caveat to performing this reading style is that regardless of whether those being read are present or not, they must be a willing participant in the reading process. Their willingness should always clear to the practitioner, and they will quickly know if they are welcome to converse with that person or not. 

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