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I’ve always “believed” in readings and spiritually connecting with others, but I’ve never had any kind of reading done. I really didn’t know what to expect from a phone call reading (Rachel and I had never met before and she didn’t know anything about me except for my name). So, I hopped on the phone with her and she explained she was going to sit in silence for a few minutes.  When she was done taking it all in, she told me exactly what I was going through, how I was feeling, and what I should do about it. She touched on what my heart desires vs what my mind thinks is the logical thing to do at the moment, what my goal is for the near future and how it will positively affect all aspects of my life, the feelings I have about something new I am going through (being out of my comfort zone and possibly getting out of the situation) and the outcome once I jump over this hurdle. I seriously got chills all over my body and felt lightheaded. I was so incredibly shocked, I couldn’t believe she knew EVERYTHING I was going through! I highly recommend Rachel’s readings – they are life changing! 

Judy Lopez

I am a long time client of Rachel's and have been the beneficiary of countless of her reiki and flow sessions. Rachel's reiki healing sessions have helped me immensely, and I always look forward to them. Without having to tell Rachel what ails me, her assessments are always spot on. When I give her information to guide her, she always gets to the heart of the problem. She is able to see clearly what is troubling me and to unblock me effectively. Recently, I'd been stuck in a bad cycle for a week, and Rachel's healing session transformed my situation overnight. I felt immediate relief after getting off the phone with her, and woke up the next day feeling amazing and completely shifted. I am not a sceptic, but never having done reiki, I didn't know what to expect. Let me say that Rachel's work exceeds my expectations. She's 100% the real deal, and I'm so grateful to have her healing in my life. It's making a huge positive difference. I'm a very healthy person, and I have coaches and a great support system, but Rachel's reiki healing addresses my issues in a way nothing else does.

Jessica Coursi

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